Chick being starved out


Nov 27, 2017
Argyle, Manitoba Canada
hi all

One of my chicks ( mottled orp baby) seems to be getting starved out!

I noticed her getting pushed around and looking weak so I took her out gave her some honey, electrolytes, scrambled egg and chick starter.( medicated)

She perked up right away but her next stool was brown and almost liquid. No blood. No runny stools in the brooder before I took her out.

Could this be because of the onslaught of food on her starved little system or should I treat her with corrid?

She upset to be away from her buddies and is napping after eating.

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Looks around three weeks old. Correct me if that's not right. Is she noticeably smaller than the others? Have you noticed the others bullying her away from the feeder?

Taking her away from the others isn't a good idea. Chicks need proximity to other chicks for complete well being. What would be better would be to identify the bully, if there is one, and discipline to stop the behavior. (Look down below for my article on this topic)

Another thing you can do is to provide multiple feeding stations. This is always a good practice no matter the age to insure everyone gets adequately fed.

If this chick is under-size and weak, Poultry Nutri-drench can kick start it and help it to catch up to the others.

The watery poop can be a result of the electrolytes. Keep an eye on them, though. More than anything, behavior will tell you if a chick is sick. As long as it is active and has a good appetite, occasional watery poop is not something to worry about.
Thanks for the answers!

We have 2 waterers and 2 feeders for 8 chicks

This chick is 5 weeks old and much smaller than the rest. She also has much more fuzz and the rest are almost all feathered out.

Before I took her out she was puffed up and getting run over so I took her out and I have her in another cage next to the brooder cage.

I did give nutridrench, the stool looks normal just watery?
You need someone with more experience than me, I've only ever brooded a few chicks at a time. Try adding a third feeder but if she doesn't improve even with more food she has a digestion/absorption problem maybe caused by disease.

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