Chick Belly Button Scab Was Pulled Off


Sep 13, 2019
Hello Everyone, I am new to raising chicks. When checking for pasty butt I saw what I though was poop but now I realize it was the chicks belly button scab. I gently washed and pulled at the scab and got it off only to realize now it was the scab. I have it isolated from the other chicks since they were pecking at it. I have read through past posts and read a range of different answers.

I attached a pic for you to look at and give me your thoughts from you experience. Should I not bother him and leave him isolated for a couple of days until the scab reforms? Should I put vasoline, triple anti-biotic, or something else on it to help encourage healing?

Hi @BuckeyeFanInFL76 :frow Welcome To BYC

If that were my chick, I would keep it separated or if the brooder is large enough, place it behind a barrier in the brooder so the others can't pick at it. Use puppy pads for the next few days as bedding (easy to clean up and cleaner on a chick that has an open sore.
Yes. I would clean/flush the navel at least one time a day (or more if soiled) - saline, betadine or hibiclens (chlorhexidine) can be used. Apply triple antibiotic ointment to the wound. (Plain Neosporin, Bacitracin, etc.).

Is your chick up and walking, eating/drinking? More photos are welcome if you have them. :)
I would separate it with 2 or so chicks, so it’s not lonely but not in danger of the rest. It doesn’t look like it’s bleeding too much, as long as it’s acting normal I wouldn’t worry too much. Chicks are surprisingly tough, despite being so weak.
Corn starch will help staunch the bleeding and encourage a dry scab to form. It should heal up on its own within a few days to a week, assuming the others do not pick at it. I had an incubator chick with an umbilical worse than that - I thought for sure she was a goner when I saw a piece of egg shell stuck to her with a long bloody gush of tissue. Nope! Today she's close to laying her first egg.

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