Chick bleeding UNDER vent area

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    Here's a picture, as much as I can do holding a camera in one hand and a peeping, wiggling chick in the other. I'm completely new at having chicks, picked up my firsts yesterday. I thought this chick (silverlace wyandotte) has pasty butt so I was cleaning it. There was some stuff stuff under it's vent, so I was tugging a bit, trying to get it off and it pulled out a bunch of yellow stuff!! I immedietly stopped, because I seemed like I was pulling out it's insides. Kind of like mucus, or even a bit like egg yolk. It's mostly yellow, with a bit of blood. I'm now worried that I may have given this chick a death sentence. :(

    Is there anything I can do??

    ETA: After talking with a friend with chickens, we've determined it was probably the umbilical cord, so hopefully this chick will be ok.
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    Just dab on some iodine to the umbilical stump, and it should fall off in a few days. Pasting usually goes away after the first week of age. Make sure the chick is drinking well, and that there is a cooler spot to get to in the brooder. A drop of vegetable oil on the vent may help to prevent it.

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