Chick breathing clicking


11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
Monroe, Ga
I have a chick that has seemed fine up until about this morning. Its still chirping a little but keeps its eyes closed and head low. It was wet and in a corner.
I picked it up and have had it in front of a heater. It seems to have pirked up a tad bit but.. idk.

When I listen or hold his sides I feel a "clicking".

Anything I can do?
I've read where people used an Oxine mixture and a humidifier and gave 3 or 4, 15 min breathing treatments with great results, not sure if that would work for you or if you have either of those 2 items, but it might work if you do.
I dont have any Oxine.. But it passed in the middle of the night.
It was fine if I kept i close and regulated its body temp but once I put it up it didnt want to stay near the heat and its body temp dropped (you could feel how cold it was when you picked it up).

Now I have 1 lonely chick that keeps hoping out of the brooder and following my dogs.
Guess Ill go find it some mates today

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