Chick bullied and lost an eye


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May 10, 2015
She was the last to hatch yesterday, when I put her in, the others pecked her. That's normal and they usually grow out of it. But when I checked on her I found she was missing an eye, and many of her feathers were pecked out. I separated her, not the bullies because all of them seemed to be bullies. She has barely had any water (I added electrolytes and probiotics to it) and won't eat food. Because she can't see out of one eye, she has trouble standing up. I did get her to practice walking (pretty much standing, she isn't cooperative). What should I do to save her? I need help FAST!

P.s. I'm new to this site and sorry for how bad the images are, I didn't want to hurt her by picking her up

Update: I put her with a seemingly friendly chick, and was surprised to see her peck the other one a little. Is this bad? I took out the other one just in case. And the little one still is clumsy but can stand.

She stopped pecking her new friend, and seems to only want to go were she is. She needed someone to escort her to food/ water because she can't see that well. She is more cooperative and even friendly. Now that I've seen her up close, I've noticed she has an eye, but the eyelid is tiny (won't open) so she can't open he eye all the way. I'm still completely sure she's blind in it though, her eye must have been deformed since birth. The others were pecking her feathers out, and she couldn't stand. Before I put a friendly chick with her, she wouldn't move.
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