Chick can't open right eye?

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    I had to assist one of my Serama chicks (she was too weak to do it on her own.), and she seems fine, she's running around the brooder, eating, drinking, peeping (VERY LOUDLY! lol) And all is fine, but she cannot open her right eye! I tried gently rubbing it with a warm wet washcloth, but no change. Can you help?

    P.S. I can get you pics if you like. I have my camera here.
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  3. TweetyNPetey

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    Someone? Please help my baby chick.
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    ANYONE?? It's been almost 2 days and no replies!
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    Try flushing her eye with saline solution first to see if she keeps the eye open. If not, then put a little terramycin eye ointment in it.
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    Okay, thank you!
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    I tried everything! This little chick cannot and will not open her right eye! And now I just found out that her beak is not straight. The top part of her beak folds over the bottom part. I heard most chicks with a crooked beak don't survive, but I believe in this little girl. Can you help me??
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    I have had chicks with closed eyes before. This is what I do.
    I hold a warm damp to almost dripping towel or cotton ball over the eye and wait a few minutes to soften what ever gunk is keeping it closed. Then I take a wet q-tip and very gently roll the tip inward and down on the lower eyelid to try to gently pull the lid open, You have to watch and adjust what you do . Be very careful not to touch the eye or get water in the eye (it burns) if you used saline wash it may help and not cause discomfort while trying to open!! Sometimes the little feathers seal together directing toward the ear, I start at the back of the eye lid and move forward, while gently rolling the q-tip outward. Helps lift the feathers off the eye. Look for any particulate or gunk in side the eye, and then keep an eye on them once you get it open. You may want to use an eye drop/rinse if the eye looks irritated or infected. Also be careful not to get fuzzies from the q-tip in the eye, that will cause more issues.

    If her beak is crooked and continues to distort... the bird will in most cases end up dying young due to inability to eat properly... Some birds will manage, however this has not been my experience. Get her eye cleared up and then keep an eye on her beak development....... if it continues to get worse you may have to cull it.
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    Thank you very much, but there is nothing holding the eye closed, she just can't open it for some reason. I love this little chick, I hope I don't lose her.

    P.S. What is culling?
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    You can put regular neosporin (without pain killer) on her eye. If some gets in her eye it is fine. It will heal injury or infection so, she can open it. Crossed beak birds can do ok but, they can't drink from nipples and will do better with crumbles than pellet type feed.

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