Chick can't stand on right leg, just falls over


7 Years
Nov 2, 2012
My Cuckoo Maran chick is about 1-1.5 weeks old and she can't stand up as of yesterday. The day before she was fine. She is definitely smaller than her sister at this point and I don't know why she can no longer stand. If she leans against a wall she can kind of stand, but not unsupported. I tried moving her right leg around some and palpating a bit but nothing looked injured or provoked a pain reaction.

Here is a video I took of her.

Any thoughts?
Seperate her from the others if you can.
Its uncommon but it could be mareks disease that has started to paralyse the legs.

Make sure she can reach food in her position as well as water.

Best of luck.

Edit: try adding electrolytes and vitamins into her water.
She has a mucle disease of some sort.That happened to my little Bantam, but she is health now. You must feed her and her nest mates medicated chick food.Hope that she feels better!

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