chick can't stand


7 Years
May 27, 2012

I have a chick that hatched on Wednesday that can't stand on its on. It is eating and drinking and is very vocal, but its legs seem to always cross. I have tried hobbling it with a band aid...any other suggestions? Is there anyway to make a splint? I have it separated from the other chicks so they don't pick on it.

Excellent website on Poultry Pedia with leg and foot issue and cure information:

I've dealt with these things a lot, and sometimes you fix 'em, sometimes you can't. Catching it early is key, and you did that. Sometimes the band-aid solution doesn't work, and you need something stiffer, or shorter, or more immobilizing. This link should help you out. Be prepared to make multiple adjustments to whatever cure you try - chick chair, hobbles, shoes, etc. If you can, put one peep in with it as a buddy. Be patient, and within a week or two (depending on the problem), your chick should be back to normal & you'll forget what a huge hassle it was to fix him.
When you see him running in the yard in a few weeks, you'll know it was worth the trouble. Good Luck!

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