Chick can't walk.

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    Dec 20, 2011
    Hi Everyone, new here, hoping I can get some help.

    We have an 80 day old Rhode Island Red x Sussex who has been having problems walking since yesterday. She is unvaccinated, so I am aware that it may be Mereck's disease, but I just want to put a few feelers out and find out what else it could be before making the decision to put her down.

    Her eyes are normal colour, she still wants to eat and drink, but can only do so with support.

    Her comb is pink, but has a white scaly appearance, and I've noticed that one of her ears seems to be leaking blood. It also looks like she has no ear lobe on that side. Not sure if this is the cause, or if it has happened as a result of not being able to walk properly.

    Could it be anything other than Mereck's, or should I just put her down?

    Thanks in advance

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    Nov 9, 2011
    The ears in all animals and humans,play a huge role in walking. Stability. Whatever caused the damage to her ear, most definately is affecting her balance.

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