Chick/Chicken Treats- is there a compiled list?

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    Are all types of treats mentioned here good for chicks also (2 1/2 weeks old:)? I am going to give them the pumpkin guts ground up in the food processor, we've tried strawberry tops, scrambled eggs (a HUGE hit!).

    Can I give them crickets from the pet store?

    Does anyone have a good list of HEALTHY treats to feed them? Thanks!!
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    Treats Chart

    Two and 1/2 week-olds are real young birds. I'd use some special caution giving them anything other than their starter feed. Keep in mind that there's quite a bit of variety in that formula and it has been put together by animal nutritionists and follows required standards.

    Until they are about 2 months old, chicks aren't especially adventuresome in trying new foods, anyway. It's best to keep things real simple in their diets until then.

    . . . just my 2ยข.


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