Chick/coop troubles

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  1. chickenchick32

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    Mar 13, 2016
    Rock Hill SC
    So we have a dilemma. Our chicks are 6 weeks old. We've had them in the out grower coop for about 2 weeks. We are having trouble getting them to go in the coop for the night. They start up the ramp, but as soon as the get to the door they stop and gang up. It's just an old dog house, so this shouldn't be a problem for them to get into. They sleep in it all night, but we have to physically put them in there, and they come out on their own in the morning. They are almost ready to join the other chickens in the main coop,but we don't want to put them in if they can't get in the coop on their own. What should we do to help them learn this
  2. HaileysHenHouse

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    Mar 13, 2016
    Take them one at time and kind of help them through the door to show them they can get in I had a bird that did that and he's fine now! :D
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    Mar 17, 2015
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    Is it dark inside? Chickens can't see in the dark so maybe they're afraid to go in.

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