Chick crop size/feel?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by fluffpuffgerbil, Feb 12, 2014.

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    My Gold Laced Wyandotte might just be a piggy, but I'm completely new to birds and chicks.... her crop is very large and full feeling... like I can feel the scratch in it and through her fuzz I can see it a little bit, like the indentions of it. She likes to just sit there and lay on my lap or hand when she's out, but I think she's pretty active in the day with the others. She's running around, jumping, playing, eating, drinking. She just pooed a nice big solid poo on my leg and then a smaller more wet one not long after, and her crop, though larger than the others', isn't really hard and isn't really squishy. It just feels like a sack with chick scratch in it. Does everything sound fine? Also she makes a chittering noise a lot. I don't know how else to describe it, it's fast, rapid, chittering. She does this when I hold her and pet her and touch her or even when she's just sitting on me. She's walking around and pecking my clothes and stretching, and scratching so she seems to be acting normal, I just want to make sure the crop is alright... I know pics would help, but it's late and both me and Ruby are real tired, so I'll see if the crop is fine tomorrow. It's not the first time i've noticed it looking really big, though--- bigger than the others. I THINK she's alright... but I'm a nervous first time chickie mama and it would kill me to lose one my first time. =<
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    She's just a pig. But if you want to check things out, remove the feed for a few hours and see if it goes down in size. You talk about chick scratch. Do you mean chick starter, or is it scratch with cracked grains?
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    Sorry, I meant chick starter. ^^; It's the unmedicated chick starter, not scratch. And I took the food out last night for bed and this morning her crop was no longer big and swollen looking. Looks like I was just being paranoid, and thanks for the reply!
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    It is pretty alarming until you understand how it works!

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