Chick Crushing

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    Jun 2, 2010
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    Yesterday I was out in the run with my chicks... they are a little over a month old. I have them in a Chick-n-hutch with a liftable lid. I had opened the lid and they had all three jumped out onto the edges of the hutch.... and a big gust of wind caught the lid and slammed it down on all three chicks.

    Now, almost 24 hrs later they SEEM ok... Kiko the white cochin took the worst of it I think... for a few hours yesterday she would hunker down to the floor of the hutch and one eye would drift closed. She just wasn't acting right. She seems to be doing much better now, and the other two never seemed to show any ill effects...

    But then again, I've never really had chickens before.. and I am not sure what to look for.

    At the time of the accident I caught them all and inspected them. No signs of broken bones, no cuts, no blood... nothing like that.

    The wind slammed the lid down on them so fast I didnt have a chance to catch it, and I half expected to see severed chicken parts. I find it hard to believe they came out it unharmed... but am grateful they appear to have done so.
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    Best of luck on your situation. I guess there is not really much you can do except wait and see and hope they are able to self heal, unless you want to involve a vet.
    It's really good that they seem to be improving.
    Some electrolytes in their water can help for stress. Then make sure they are well fed and watered and happy as possible. Also try to secure your hutch somehow so that that you'll never have to face that problem again!
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    A similar experience has happened to me. I had a chick that got smushed flat in chicken wire and the mother had accidently stomped on it a few times. It was completely smushed and I knew It was going to die. Its right leg was smushed, bruised and crooked. It looked terrible. Anyways, I posted the problem on here and someone suggested to give them the Poly-Visol baby vitamins that you can get from walgreens, walmart, etc. It worked very well and within 2 days it was running, jumping and playing with the rest of the chicks. I highly suggest this. Just put 2-3 drops on the chicks beak every 24 hours. I wish you the best of luck. Let me know how it turns out.

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