Chick death durring delivery

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    Oct 7, 2010
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    I have alway's gotten my chicks from a hatchery (Mt. Healthy Hatcheries) and went to pick them up. My hatchery does not have a chicken that I want(Deleware). I would haft to make them delivered. What is everyones succsess with delivery. Also what is the best breed for long time egg laying? Anything would be much appresiated.[​IMG]
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    Baby chicks generally arrive alive, at least most of them, usually all. the PO is the only one who will ship live chicks, and if you talk to them when you order, they will call you when they arrive, even before the PO opens. Of course there are occasional disasters; the PO misdirected my shipment and over half were dead, once. But the hatchery will also replace any that die during shipment; you don't even have to prove it, just call them.

    Hatcheries breed for egg production; most all of them will lay well. Look here:

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