Chick deformity


Mar 17, 2019
So one week ago, one single chick hatched. She was not a great mama and had left the eggs multiple times for extended periods of time. I finally took them and put them in an incubator for the last few days. Once the one hatched (shockingly) I took it back out to her and she has since been great with him/her, but the chick's legs are messed up. It's a little hard to describe, but basically it can't stand up fully. The "knees" are bent constantly and it is walking on them. I have been trying to hold it so that the feet are on the ground with a finger holding them down and then supporting the body in a standing position thinking that the muscles or something aren't developed enough.

Anyone have any ideas or do I need to cull it? I know the mama will be devastated but I dont want it to suffer later.
If it's splay leg, you can hobble it. If it's too weak, you need to put it in a sling.

This is an example of splay leg:

To correct it, you hobble it like this:


If it is not splay leg, but is too weak, you need to make a sling for it, until it is strong enough to stand on its own.

Tape fabric over a container with a couple holes for the legs. The red things are bottle caps, taped to the container for their food, and water.
I wasn't able to get a picture of the chick. It's been pouring rain all day and the mama has it in the very back of the brooder where I of course can't reach lol. I did notice that it seems to be standing better, at least on one of its legs, so maybe the problem will correct itself. I had thought about splinting its legs but then it wouldn't be able to sit at all, since it's the knees that need to be straightened. It's not splay leg tho, I know that.

I will check it again tomorrow when this ridiculous rain is done.

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