chick diarrhea


Mar 20, 2020
Hello fellow chicken enthusiasts! I have a 4 week old barred rock with diarrhea. I ran a fecal and a culture and am having trouble getting a response from the microbiologist for assistance on how best to treat her. In the meantime, I have treated her with Corid for the last 7 days with no change in her stool. Her diarrhea is mostly water with some fecal material in it. No blood. She is bright and alert, eating well, drinks a ton of water (more than the others) but is active, seems happy.
Her fecal analysis reported e coli 3+, klebsiella 2+ and normal gram positive flora 3+.
Following that, I have a list of antibiotics and the sensitivity to each.
Has anyone treated chicks with chloramphenicol or TMZ? Those are the two with highest sensitivity.

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