Chick down colour--what is this--never seen anything like it?

Sonoran Silkies

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Jan 4, 2009
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This chick is just a few days old--sizzle breeding from a blue/black/splash pairing. I've never seen splash down that was an actual pattern of white with a pale bluish back; also notice the darker spot at the back of the neck. Photo is a bit browner than in real life--the blue on the back is almost a powder blue.
Well, is definitely came from breeding pens for sizzles (Sarah & I did some chick exchanging yesterday--this is one of her chicks) Pink skin, but oh so pretty.

But I've never seen splash down with an actual pattern--usually the chicks are pretty much uniformly coloured, and usually more silvery with a hint of yellow underneath. This one is pure white except for it's back with is a powder blue.
I know it's not a Silkie or Sizzle but I've had a Polish chick with the same chick down pattern (chick in question is in the top left).


-Cindy in MA

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