Chick eating Cecal poop an a few other issues


6 Years
Jul 31, 2013
I have a Lakenvelder that is approx 4 weeks old. I took her from a local shop that was having problems with some chicks pecking the day lights out of other chicks. I actually took her and a Minorca who was also in bad shape. The lakenvelder has hardish twisted poop with some blood in it. The Minorca has had super watery poop with blood. I started them both on sulfadimethoxine and the Minorca is finally getting some substance to her poop. The lakenvelder sounds like she has mild asthma and no change in her poops. I got excited when I saw her have a thick Cecal poo, but then noticed she likes to eat it! Ugh! I am on day 3 of the sulfadimethoxine and plan to do a molasses water cleanse on them just to make sure there isn't any strange blockages. Any other thoughts? The good news is they're feathers are coming in!

I really would like help with the Cecal poop eating!
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