Chick embryo day 3

Jun 9, 2020

Apologies for posting twice in a day (hope that's allowed!), but I wanted to share a fascinating photo. Many members have probably seen this sort of thing before, but I was too excited not to share.

Sadly this egg cracked beyond repair today so I have had to take it off the nest to stop it breaking and soiling the other eggs (like the last one did!). I have opened it up to see if indeed it had been fertilised. I believe from the photo, the answer is yes. What was even more fascinating (although rather sad/emotional in a strange sort of way), was that I could physically see its heart beating - at only day 3, incredible. Nature is just magical (but sad that not all of them can make it).

Thank you to Mamas_Looney_Farm for responding to my previous post. If anyone has any views/experience they'd like to share with the success hatch rate of eggs that have been gently cleaned with a damp cloth (soiled eggs that had been covered with egg yolk), then I would be hugely grateful :). I never know if eggs are hardier than they look, or die very easily?


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