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    Apr 6, 2016
    Hello everyone! I have a dark Brahma chick and she’s about 5 days old now. Ever since I got her she’s been a very loud chick and always seemed to do fine but recently I’ve noticed she’s been acting sick. She feels cold and there’s plenty of heat offered for her and her butt looks very swollen and for some reason is wet. Any ideas on what could be happening? She’s just not moving around like the others are.

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    Get her warm under a heat lamp. Has it been pooping normally or had any pasty butt? Can you take a QTip and put some oil or vaseline on it, and just barely insert the tip into the vent opening 1/8 inch to see if there is hard poop in there? Get the chick drinking water by dipping it’s beak for a second and letting it swallow several times, then let it rest and repeat in 15 minutes. Do you have SaveAChcik electrolytes to put in the water, or any Poultry NutriDrench to give a couple of drops orally?
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