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Jan 23, 2013
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I started feeding my chicks Manna Pro Medicated with Amprolium. But at $6.79 a bag that comes to $67.90 for 50 pounds. Unfortunately, they only make it in 5lb bags. So, today when I was at the local feed store, I bought a 50lb bag of Southern Sates Medicated with Lasolocid for $18.50. Will this have any detrimental affect on my chicks? them Lasolocid right after they were ingesting Amprolium?
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Should not be a problem.
Then after they've finished this bag, you can just put them on regular chick feed non-med.
If I feed medicated feed, I feed the one bag (no matter what size), then I switch to a non-medicated feed.
But I usually do not feed a medicated feed anyway.
Thanks for your reply, Allen. From what I have read, it seems Amprolium is more a preventative and builds tolerance and Lasolocid is an antibiotic that will prevent or kill it. I really didn't want medicated this time, but that was all the feed store had in stock. I also read that chicks are not even exposed to Coccidiosis until they are outside on the soil or if soil is introduced to the brooder.
Yes, one of the reasons I do not feed medicated is because I do mix some of the dirt/bedding from the outside into my brooders so the chicks are exposed to whatever there is here and they can build up their own immunity as they would if they were raised with mother hen.
Can they still build an immunity while ingesting Lasolocid if I put some soil from their run into the brooder, or does the Lasolocid defeat the purpose?
Buying any feed in 5lb. packages is really expensive. 50 lb is about three times as much as 5lb. They get you on the packaging.
Mine started on the Dumor brand sold by TSC. It is available in larger bags. TSC is actually cheaper than my local feed store but any savings would just go for gas to get there.
Yup. I liked what I had read about the Manna Pro so I bought a bag when I was in Tractor Supply. I just assumed I would be able to find larger bags some place else. When I found out they only made 5lb bags, I decided to switch.
Somewhat old thread, but Manna Pro DOES make 50 lb bags of medicated starter; I have about 4 or 5 bags on my carport right now. I would guess that your feed store simply chooses to not purchase the larger bags.

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