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  1. alex

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    Jul 1, 2007
    hi, i dont know if my chick feed is medicated or not. . .but wat iz medicated feed?? and wat will happen if i dont use medicated feed. . .thanks
  2. speckledhen

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    On most bags, there is a tag with ingredients at the bottom and it may be stamped in red MEDICATED. If not, look at the ingredients and if it says Amprolium or Bacitracin, then it's medicated. You really only want something with Amprolium since it is NOT an antibiotic, only a thiamine blocker which helps prevent coccidiosis, a common protozoal-type disease causing bloody poop and sometimes death. If you do not have medicated feed, probably nothing will happen. Watch for droopy, listless chicks, check the poop. In humid, hot conditions, cocci thrive, but there may not be a bunch in your soil. Most adult birds have immunity to cocci, but can get it.
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    Hi alex,

    If you are serious about getting chickens, you can go to the Monroe Farm and Feed in Monroe. They have very knowledgeable staff and it is a family run business. They will have the proper feed and can direct you to the correct setup for your birds. They will also tell you what kind of feed you are buying and if your feed is medicated, it will say so on the bag.

    You can choose to not use medicated feed, but you must be highly diligent in cleaning the coops.

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