Chick Games!!


Chicken Cuddler
9 Years
Oct 7, 2010
Conroe, Texas
This is a just for kicks post. Do you have any cute pics of your chicks having fun?

Today my chicks are very lively and playing games with each other. Below are pics from the snack they got this morning. Hard to get all of them as one would grab a big piece and run with others chasing it.


What cool pics! I don't have pictures of our babies but they will race each other from one end of the brooder to the other. It's so funny to watch

I love when one is just standing there, calmly, then suddenly takes off in a mad dash. Then the others all get startled and run around too. They usually end up at the feeder, pushing and shoving.

And when they take a drink and step back, tilt their heads WAAAAAY back and swallow. Or suddenly squat, wave their bitty wings, poop and almost fall forward.

But the most endearing is when they fall asleep on their feet and slowly, sloooowly, tip forward. Sometimes that will start one of those little running dashes when they "recover" before hitting the bedding with their beaks.

Yep the baby chicks are soo adorable to watch. Mine are getting in their wing feathers and I noticed they are a bit bigger today. I need to get more fun pics to add as Everyone LUVS cute chick pics.

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