Chick getting feathers plucked off

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May 6, 2016
I have a blue laced red Wyandotte chick, 4 and a half weeks old, somewhat smaller than the other chicks with her (which are the same age). The whole back of her neck is plucked and rough, I am assuming it's the other chicks doing it. I don't see any blood though. None of the other chicks have any plucking or pecking that I see. I am putting Blue Kote on it every day and tried No-pick too, for the smell, but she really doesn't like it. Does anyone have any other ideas besides trying to separate her out and let her heal, I am going to try to rig up a small area for just her in the brooder that the others can't reach but so they can see her and she can still use the heat lamp. I've had chickens go after each other but not this young, I'm glad at least that they are still in the brooder, seems like it would be much more manageable that way. Thanks!
How big is your brooder? At their age they are ready for a larger space with things to do or else you will see pecking behaviors. A bowl of sand, hanging spinach, perches, mirrors.

My chicks are generally out in the coop at 4 weeks, but I don't get mine until it's warmer out because I have had pecking in the past from keeping them in a brooder too long.

Can you post a picture? Sounds like she may be growing in feathers? Too.
Good point, I think I'll put together another storage bin brooder tomorrow and split the group up. I can't connect two due to space issues. I have her separated but in the same brooder right now so hopefully that will help for the time being. I have a jersey giant in there too and she's pretty big so...more space will probably be good.
I'd put them out but it's too cold, and I have five adult hens in the coop right now and the chicks are too small but too big to not be picked on by them, says my local feed store, so...

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