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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by bridgerview, Jul 10, 2010.

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    Jun 30, 2010
    I got some RIR on thursday and everything has been going great up until this evening. I went in to check on them and one was acting a little sluggish. I checked her and it seemed she may have been pasting a bit, not bad but I cleaned her up and put her back. Each time I check on her, she seems to be going downhill. She is still responsive and stands up when I lean over the brooder, but lays back down and shuts her eyes soon after. Any suggestions on what I may be able to do to help her out? I was thinking maybe some sugar water, but don't know if she'll even drink. I think mother nature is taking its course, but I'd like to try something if someone has some suggestions. I cleaned her up really good, and she didn't seem to be plugged and she hasn't pooped since I cleaned her. Most of the clean up was mostly white. If any of that helps, thanks in advance,
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    Eric, the sugar water is a good idea. Do you have an eye dropper to use, that will make it easier for you to administer it to her. Best of luck. Hope your baby gets better. [​IMG]
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    What's the ratio of water to sugar?

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    I just had a chick that did the exact same thing. it just died. It was really sleepy, but would stand up for a minute if i made it.. then it would just go back to sleep. my friend came over and I told her I thought that one would die, and she suggested that I separate it, and try to nurse it back to health, and I told her that honestly I didn't think it was going to live, I was completely sure it would be dead by morning, but if I had a tiny bit of hope for it, I'd be all over the trying to fix it. she was about to leave, and we went back out to check, and it was all dead. i feel sad, but pragmatic too, glad it didn't hang on for a long time, and then die, like my last lost chick (had a yolk infection!)... this one had no symptoms of anything, i don't know what happened. Hope your one didn't end up like mine did.

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