Chick "graft" a success!


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Apr 4, 2008
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Didn't know how this was going to turn out but we gave it a go. I have 2 broody hens. one banty Cochin and one marans. we have a "communal" nest box and they both hogged it from the other 3 hens. We decided to get 4 new chicks and let the two broody's mother them. We sectioned off an area in the run for them. put them both in a dog house with shavings. Gave them golf balls to sit on. They have been broody for at least 3 weeks. The day our chicks arrived we waited till 11:30 at night. took out the golf balls, slipped the chicks under the two moms to be and voila! No brooder lights. No chick dust in the house. No muss no fuss. I'm amazed they can be outside. We are in the PNW and it has rained for EVER. in the low to mid 60's. moms have the chicks out pecking and scratching, beyond cute. I will never brood chicks again!!! My little banty seems like she is always broody! I got a silkie last year because everyone said they are good mothers and are broody a lot. mine hasn't been once! doesn't lay eggs either.... good thing she is cute...

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Glad to hear your success story. I have "magic chicks" scheduled to arrive this week, so before long my broody will trade in the hardboiled egg she had been sitting on and become an instant mom.


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I had a couple hens go broody when I decided to do a preventative treatment for parasites/worms and thus would not be collecting eggs. I let them sit on a clutch of eggs. I had 5 hatch and then they both abandoned the rest of the eggs. I lost two within the first two days due to an inability to thrive. I didn't separate the moms and chicks from the rest of the flock and unfortunately lost a chick to the flock. It amazes me how vicious they can be to their own kind.
Lesson learned. Since I just have the two chicks left I decided to just separate one mom and the two chicks from the flock. Mom is doing an excellent job raising them. Being relatively new to chicken raising I figured the hens would do a better job than I would. I could not imagine using an incubator or brooder, just too many chances for me to screw it up.


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Apr 16, 2012
Thanks for posting this thread :) I have a hen brooding six eggs. I was at the farm store today & saw all the chicks... wondered if I could graft a few more onto this hen when her eggs hatch. I will wait till night time if I do it :) Wish me luck :)

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