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Feb 2, 2009
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Not if they have access to the sand. I don't know how you are housing them or what kind of access they have.

One of the first things my broody hens do is take their chicks to a patch of dirt and get them to peck it. The other chickens have pooped in this area. This strengthens their immune system and gets them stated on flock immunities. It gives the chicks probiotics the other chickens may have. and it gets grit into their digestive system. They also get nutrients like minerals from that. If you don't have older chickens pooping in that area you may not get all those advantages but you'll still get some. I have never purchased chick grit. Adult grit either.

Before they were domesticated nobody gave them grit. For thousands of years after they were domesticated they were kept pretty much free range. Nobody gave them grit. They got it from the ground just like all the other birds that are not domesticated. Some people keep their chickens in coops and runs set up so they really don't have good access to the ground, these people need to offer grit. It does depend on whether they have access or not.


Aug 27, 2018
Southern Chester County, PA
I have used play sand for both grit and dust bath ever since I’ve had chickens. My soul is fine clay, so it’s unsuitable for both. If you’ve got natural sand, lucky you! If your chicks are still in the brooder, give them a scoop to get used to it. Or do what I do, put a little box of sand in the brooder for a bath/grit pit. They LOVE it!! Just make sure to sift the poops out, like a cat’s litter box. Mine really really liked pooping in their sand.:rolleyes:
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