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    HI! [​IMG]

    My three chicks are five weeks old and have not eaten any fresh food. I went to a feed store when they were about three weeks old looking for chick grit and they only had adult grit. [​IMG] I know you only feed chick grit
    until like 8 weeks old. Do you think Ishould go to a different feed store so they can get some fruit now or wait
    three weeks to get the adult one? Can they still eat chick grit if they are older then 8 weeks if I get it now? They
    have gone outside and eaten some stuff out there. Thanks so much! [​IMG]

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    If you can't get chick grit give them some sand. My brooder has sand in the bottom instead of wood chips and my chicks prefer it to the grit. When I raised chicks on pine shavings I did give them chick grit but I still have two and half pounds of a three pound bag. Now they free range for grit. But if yours won't be free ranging they will continue using the chick grit till it is all gone.

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