Chick grows, legs are bent and walks weird

Discussion in 'Quail' started by Tikkajazz94, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. I have ran into a problem with a quail chick that hatched 2 days ago. Okay, It was alright when hatching, and the first day. On the night of his first day, he/she must have slept in a bad position. IN the morning (before coffee or tea) I cheched them. And the one was walking strangely. I t on its belly, legs fully spread out to the sides and having to walk that way. It walks in circles till it gets to the waterer and feeder. Its horrible to see.

    This is what I though of that I can do. Cull it. Break its legs and put them in the right position. Let it go for a few days (as my dad suggested) and see if it heals. The only problem with Breaking, is the bones are to small and could do more damage than good, and that doesn't even mean that it will help. Letting it go, It means that it work harder for its food, which means instead of growing like a rocket like its cage mates, it will stay at the size and grow slowly, and Might walk like that for the rest of its life.

    I was wondering if anybody else ran into this problem with their chicks. And what did you do about it?

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    It sounds like "splayed Leg". I have read that you shoud use bandaids to set the legs in proper possition. The legs will get stronger and your chick should be back to narmal in no time at all. Here is a link that might help
  3. Thank you so much :) Already have the band-aid cut, now time to put it on him/her

  4. I'm having problems with this little one now. I put it on, watch it, it does really good. Than leave for 15 minutes, come back, band-aid off. Put another on, watch it, does really well. leave for 5 minutes, new band-aid off. Put a new one on watch it, Give it cuddle time, its doing great, put it in, come back in a 3 minutes, it was off.... :O So I decided, tape it, I put it on a way this little one can't take it off, but I can. Hopefully it doesn't come off...

    Any suggestion on how to deal with this little one???

  5. I ended up loosing the little one this afternoon, seems life was to hard on him. Wish I could have done better, [​IMG]
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    sorry bud, it happens. you did more than most. take comfort knowing the rest are in good hands.

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