Chick Growth


7 Years
May 19, 2012
Hey Guys! We purchased the following a week ago today and were told they were between 1-2 weeks old when we got them:
1 Silkie
4 Australops
4 Barred Rocks
5 Americanus

now the Austrolops were the biggest from the start and I assume they were closer to 2 weeks old when we got them but they have continued to grow while it doesn't seem that the others have. Could they have been just that much older?

My other qustion is about the easter eggers. 2 of the are brown and 3 are gray. I assume they were all hatched at the same time because they were the same size when we got them. However one of the brown ones is now noticeably bigger then the other ones. Is that normal for birds of the same breed to grown at different rates or is it more likely that the smaller ones are not getting enough food?

We have a HUGE feeder with plenty of room for everyone and I have not seen any fighting at all. Am I just being a worrisome 1st time chicken momma?

even the same breed will grow diffrent i have 2 longhorns and one has always been a bit smaller then the other one but othere wise teh same in every where execpt phiones is smaller and dont like loving where lilly is bigger and is a big love bug loves to be held and snuggled with

now the growning part they may be growing but if you see them all the time you dont relize just how fast they grown like my babys i though stoped growing but then looking a pic just a few days apart you see diffrence and then my brother stops by and hes like dam there growing fast

I am new at this to so this is all i have to offer

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