Chick had a hole pecked into her side

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    I have a 3day old chick with a hole in her. I noticed a spot of red and a couple birds pulling at that spot, then saw a wound almost the size of a dime. I shooed the other birds away, and the worst thin happened. The chick began pecking it herself!!
    I don't know what to do about this one. I put bacitracin (sp) on it and TRIED to bandage it, but she just pecks at the bandage until it falls off.

    I tried separating her and leaving her with a few other semi-injured birds, but she's self abusing, and I know that will attract the others.

    Right now, I have her wrapped in a hand towel with just her head peeking out. I have to hand feed and water her, but how long can I keep that up? I really don't need a chick side-kick.
    I even thought about fashioning a cone like they put on dogs heads;)

    I know there's something people put on their birds to keep OTHER birds from pecking...would that stuff work, and what is it?

    What can I put on her - what else can I do?

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    what ever you use on her just make sure it doesn't have the pain reliever that ends in caine.. there are products out there on is pick no more I've never used it but another one that I have used is Blue-kote. it works real good as healer and disguie, but be prepared you and your chick will be purple, most likely this will have to be broken habit now since it has gotten started.. wrapping her in a towel for a while may do it, but as long as she feels it and knows it's there she might keep at it.. or the other chicks will keep at it. seems like when they get started on pecking on one another it's hard to get them to stop. but blue-kote does help alot..

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