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    May 20, 2008
    I've got my first hatch happening. The first one came out, and had a greenish colored scrambled egg looking thing on her butt, and a thin red string still attached to the egg. The inside of the egg was smeared with blood. After a little rest, I noticed she was no longer attached to the egg, and the greenish blob was no longer on her butt.
    The second one hatched, and the egg inside was quite clean, but he had the scrambled egg butt and the red stringy thing. He was cruising around the bator with his egg trailing behind him. I noticed a little bit ago that he was free from his egg also. But then I went in to check again, and theres little blood spots all over the bator, and it looks like his entire butt is covered in blood. Hard to say if its still bleeding. It's all wet looking, but then again, so is the chick.
    Is this normal? Maybe he pulled away from the egg before it was time? Should I worry?
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    If it looks anything like this:

    just follow the instructions they gave me. Based on what I was told, it sounds like your chicks are hatching just a little too soon.

    If you've got other active chicks in there that aren't old enough/dry enough to put into the brooder, I would fix up some means to isolate that little guy until he heals up.

    I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will chime in soon.

    Lucky for my little guy, the other two chicks in the 'bator were old enough to move to the brooder, so I was able to isolate him in the bator until the yolk finished absorbing. I also put a layer of that non-slip rubbery shelf liner stuff over the hardware cloth, so that he wouldn't be dragging that thing all over it.

    He's doing fine now, thank goodness.
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    Apr 16, 2016
    I have a similar issues with one of mine that was just born a few hours ago. I had to help him (along with 2 others) break out of the shell. The other two are so healthy, but this one only did ok for about an hour trying to move around and chirp. Now I can barely get him to open his eyes or move, he's just limp. He has blood on his bottom, also. Could it just be from a complicated hatching and could he just be a weaker baby and exhausted from trying to stand? I've had chickens for years but this is my first experience with raising chicks and this situation is breaking my heart. Any advice is helpful. Thanks in advance.

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