Chick has been walking/hobbling around on hocks. Eats and drinks, but is not nearly as big as other chicks.


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Aug 7, 2020
Hi there. Please help me. I really don't want to cull this baby chick, but will if I have to (if she is in pain). I've hatched eggs before but this is the first time my chick has had any leg issues. I'm suspecting that my incubator temperature was too low and after about 12-24 hrs, I (for better or worst) ended up helping the poor thing from the shell. I didn't help it all the way out and let it do the final getting out of the shell. Looking back, perhaps it would have been better to help it all the way out, but who knows if that would have been better.

S/he is about 2 weeks old now. She has curled toes on one foot.... I've tried to tape it and it hasn't seem to help much. She also walks on hocks. Her hocks are swollen. I have tried to tape (with band-aid cut length wide) her leg together. I also have tried to use popsicle sticks (cut much smaller) to splint both of her legs. She couldn't walk when I did that so I made her a chick chair from a sock and cup, but she escapes from it. I've also been giving her some vitiman B-6 and nutri drench. Here are some pictures. Please let me know your thoughts? Do I have any hope? I am ok with keeping it if it walks funny, but as long as it isn't suffering. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks for reading.


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Aug 6, 2020
That looks like crooked toes to me. It should not die it can't be fixed except when thee toes are soft if you ever see one like it in the incubator and there aren't any pips take it out of the incubator straighten the toes and sandwich the toes between med tape (1 piece per toe)

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