Chick has choked on something and tongue has slipped down the throat...


Oct 27, 2018
This wee chick is 18 days old and eating and drinking fine up until today when it pecked at something then ran backwards as if to dislodge something from it's beak. Coughed or sneezed a few times and I think gave itself quite a fright. Afterwards and hours later the chick is breathing with beak open and clearly raspy breathing. The tongue on inspection is down the throat somewhat and we have tried to pull it back up with tweezers but it slides down on it's own again. We are letting the chick rest and stay warm but I have fears that the chick will not make it as we can't help it get water down if the tongue and trachea are lodged down the throat. Has anybody seen this before? I have looked around the forum and couldn't find anything the same so thought I'd try asking here. Thanks for looking, Rowena. 01a.jpg 01b.jpg


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I'm on the old iPad and can't watch videos on it. A friend of mine had a young peahen get a piece of string get tangled around the base of it's tounge then swallowed the string which caused the tounge to get lodged down it's throat.

Can you try pulling the tongue up to see if there is anything wrapped around the base or stuck to it?

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