Chick has Messed up leg, Could Somone Please Give me Advice?


9 Years
Dec 17, 2010
Under Your bed
I have a chick that was stuck in his egg because mom had stopped setting.

Well I did an eggtopsy thinking they were dead since they didn't hatch with the others

and I found shrink wrapped chicks who pipped through the membrane, gasping for air.

I immediatly shoved them all in my incubator with the rest of the eggs, and found them

coming around quite quickly as they started chirping and kicking at the egg. The next

morning none had made progress, they stopped chriping, and were slowly losing strength.

I helped them out, and one made it. He's now one week old, eating and drinking like any

other chick you would see, but one of his legs are really messed up. It turns out to

the side, and I can't seem to fix it. I had a band-aid splint on it for 4 days thinking it was

splayed leg, but I've found that one leg is totally normal. It's just one leg thats messed up.

So I have two questions ~

This chick will not be used for breeding/showing/etc. He'll be a pet. Can he live if that one leg

is not fixable? He tries so hard to walk with it, but can only hop with the good leg.

Is there any splint I can put on it to twist it back around how it's supposed to be?

i'm really sorry I cannot post pictures of it right now. I can and will later.

Thanks for reading.

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