Chick Has One Good Leg but Won't Use the Other- Can't Walk

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    I brought home a young chick- only a few days old. I don't think it's spraddle leg since its leg isn't laying flat out. He is just sitting. He will put weight on the one leg if I'm holding him up but he didn't like it when I gently stretched his other leg out. He is eating and drinking, thankfully. What can I do to get him on his way to walking? I attached a photo of the little one. [​IMG]

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    The chick could have an injury or a leg bone deformity. Slipped tendon is common also. Start some Poultry Cell vitamins 1 ml orally every day. Alternatives would be chick vitamins in the water, a human B complex tablet crushed into water or food, or no-iron PolyVisol baby vitamins 2-3 drops daily. A chick chair next to food and water might help it to eat. I would get it out often to stretch legs and gently do some range of motion exercise. A vitamin or mineral deficiency might get better with treatment. Here is a good link to read:



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