Chick has swollen feet and legs! What's wrong?

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    Feb 20, 2017
    I have 10 silver sebright chicks about 2 1/2 weeks old all are very healthy except 1 has swollen feet and legs but other then a limp in its walk it acts normal even fly's around in the brooder and eats just as well as the others but I'm very concerned and new to this.. what can I do to help? I saw that it could be infected because due to poop in the brooder but it's vacuumed out every two days and fresh pine shavings are added..[​IMG]
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    Those are less than helpful photos, but it appears there are scabs on the legs. It's so hard to tell because your photos lack definition.

    It's unusual that a chick that young would have scaly leg mites or even infected sores. (Bumble foot) But if it has managed to injure its legs on something sharp or if the bedding has splinters in it, it's possible.

    I would soak the chicks legs a few times a day in warm Epsom salt, maybe ten minutes at a time. Then spray the legs and feet with Vetericyn and when dry, smooth on triple antibiotic ointment. Do it every day until the condition clears up.
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