Chick hatched 4 days early!


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May 18, 2017
i have 7 eggs in the incubator with 4 days to go. Last night my daughter noticed one was pipped. I turned the auto turner off and an hour later a chick hatched. I added water to boost the humidity. I'm worried about the other eggs. Will the humidity be too high for them? When can I take the chick out? It is rolling the other eggs all over the place. Please help
Just try and keep the humidity around high 50's is all..should be fine. Your temps may have been high for a while. You may start seeing more pip.. if you counted days right. Do you start counting the days... the day.. after.. you set them? And, 18th day being the day to start lock down?
You leave the new chick in the incubator for 1 day and then take it out.Make sure you have a heat lamp and a box to put the chick in.Also have some chick starter.
Ok thank you. Another one has pipped. The one chick is knocking all the eggs all over the place. Tomorrow will be day 18. Thanks again. Let's hope the other 5 survive!
I have the box, lamp and chick starter all ready to go. So it's ok to open the incubator to take the chick out tomorrow during lockdown?
I am one to snatch out chick.. as they hatch. I don't have any problems. Just had 13 of of 17 that went into lock down hatch. :)
Welcome to BYC. Hatch day is an exciting time. I understand your concern for those yet to hatch. I remember my first hatch last November - I told my boss I needed the day off because I was a proud new papa. It was a natural hatch and I was very sure of the hatch date based on when Ms. Rock went broody. At any rate in the morning of hatch day when I went to check on Ms. Rock and her clutch, boink, out popped a little blonde head from under her. Ms. Rock nurtured 7 chicks to adulthood. 5 hens and two roosters. I culled the roosters - only need one! Today "DN", one of Ms. Rocks daughters displayed signs of broodiness, she has not moved from her nest in the last 14 hrs. She is setting on 27 eggs. How much excitement can one stand! Well to make it more exciting yet I have 41 eggs under incubation due to hatch June 3. If everything works well the natural hatch should be about June 8. In Mississippi our humidity this time of year fluctuates between 90+% in the early morning to around 40% in the late afternoon. Of course the incubator humidity I try to keep between 50% and 55%. The whole point of what I'm doing is to compare the overall quality of life and behavior characteristics of natural hatched chickens and those from the incubator. Also I am testing and verifying a sexing method based on observing the tail feathers or lack there of for 1 to 7 day old chicks. The theory is pointy butts = pullets and rounded butts = cockerels. Of course that configuration changes as they advance into adulthood. Once again welcome to BYC -
Sometimes leaving a chick in for awhile stimulates others to hatch. The bumping and chirping can be good. Now that you have two chicks out, I think I would move them to a brooder - because 2 chicks are more rambunctious than 1.

Sending good hatching vibes your way, for the rest of the eggs.

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