Chick hatched this weekend - not standing upright!

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    We hatched 18 chicks (home raised brahmas, americaunas and couple others) and have one chick that looked like it had spraddle leg - although they are on textured paper towels.

    So I followed the band-aid hobble suggestion that I found thru this success - he/she is still not trying to be upright.... even on hocks.

    No curled toes - fully functioning feet and legs except for standing.

    One hock apprears to be swollen and red. The other looks normal by comparison to others.

    Keeping her/him hydrated with sugar inhanced water.

    Very alert - interactive when trying to move on own or with help. VERY interactive when held to fix /check bandaid.

    Any help greatly appreciated!
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    This is very similar sounding to what I experienced with a polish chick a while back. I have other issues with her now, but she does stand.

    I used liquid vitamins that I mixed into baby parrot food and fed her using a plastic syringe. It seemed to get her up to the strong point and she started to move around. Her hock was red without having any external reason visible. Regarding the redness and swelling on one leg, I did see her pecking at her leg, and it may be that it hurt...who knows why they do what they do?? It may have been what made it red...

    In the end, the vitamins seem to have done wonders, and I think there's a vitamin deficiency that can be responsible for weak legs and curled toes- riboflavin?

    Make sure it gets food and water and try poly-vi-sol liquid vitamins.

    Good luck!
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