Chick Hatched with Air in Body Cavity??

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    One of my crossbreed chicks hatched last night(BR/Wyan?) and i immediatedly thought it looked weird. It's eyes looked big & too close to it's beak, it's beak looked smaller than it should have been AND it's body looked like a balloon!! It's body cavity is full of air, so much so that I can see some of "the works" inside.

    I considered using a needle to make a small hole & release the air but thoguth that MAYBE if i left him be it would 'dissolve' or escape on it's own... Well he's fluffy this morning and still full of air. I am worried about poking the hole & possibly letting in bacteria or something? anyone have a different/better solution??
  2. Bleenie

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    I've never heard of this but I know the body will resorb the air and break it into simpler particles and such. I do not recommend breaking the skin. Good luck.
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    don't poke him, it could be fluid, too.

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