Chick hatched with it's insides outside


9 Years
Sep 8, 2010
Three Serama's came out overnight and are looking well. A standard chick hatched next, but it's insides are hanging out of it, you can clearly see the formed intestines and various parts. This is my first hatch and there are 3 chicks yet to show themselves. I do not know if I should risk opening our incubator to remove this chick from the others. I am concerned as the little guys are pecking at the guts and I don't know what that might cause. I'm concerned about bacteria, and ventilation with all this bloody mess sitting on the mesh for all of them to walk through. I would cull this chick if I could, but don't want to risk them all by opening the incubator. Any advice? The inside of the incubator is very moist, there are moisture droplets on the window. Should I poke a hole and drain out the water from the incubator now that they are hatching and need to dry?
sounds like your humidity may be too high, what is your humidity level at?

I would do a quick grab and get that chick out of there. It will not survive with the intestines out like that.
Are you sure its actually intestines and not left over yolk?

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