Chick hatched with it's insides outside

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9 Years
Sep 8, 2010
Double posting in emergency for urgent reply. Three Serama's came out overnight and are looking well. A standard chick hatched next, but it's insides are hanging out of it, you can clearly see the formed intestines and various parts. This is my first hatch and there are 3 chicks yet to show themselves. I do not know if I should risk opening our incubator to remove this chick from the others. I am concerned as the little guys are pecking at the guts and I don't know what that might cause. I'm concerned about bacteria, and ventilation with all this bloody mess sitting on the mesh for all of them to walk through. I would cull this chick if I could, but don't want to risk them all by opening the incubator. Any advice? The inside of the incubator is very moist, there are moisture droplets on the window. Should I poke a hole and drain out the water from the incubator now that they are hatching and need to dry?
thank you for your reply Highlander, my mistake, I did not refresh in time. I also see that it multiple posted in the incubating section, although I do not know why. Sorry to spam.
no problem, I think the site is a little "buggy" today. Good luck with the little one and the rest of your hatch.
I can't help you with the brooder questions about moisture and such but I would open the brooder for a millisecond to take that chick out and put it down quickly and humanely. It won't survive and having the other chicks pecking it to death is not right.

Good luck with the rest.
I had that happen in a recent hatch...the egg shell gets stuck to the butt..the cord that goes from butt to shell...and pulls their guts chance of survial....cull. Fastest easiest way is into a box and into the freezer. Or just wait for it to die. Get it out too...just do it fast.
PS get the chick out and if your seeing droplets your humidity is probly waaay toooo high or chickie guts is really upping the humidity. Open a vent hole or ?? (not know what type of bator). Do you have something to MEASURE the humidity with???
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so I'm closing this one since there are answers on the other thread. Generally, if actual intestines are on the outside, and not just the yolk sac, the chick must be culled since it can't live that way.

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