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Discussion in 'Quail' started by pugonuts, Apr 25, 2017.

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    Apr 4, 2017
    Ok we are on day 19. Four chicks hatched on day 17 and two to day problems is thier eyes seem to be glued feet and no balance I have one super healthy chick that darts around like a bullet. and that was the first chick to hatch the rest seem like they are drunk or hung over ? 2 and 2 died about an hour ago but there is a new one in the Incubator. any advice is welcome
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    What kind of chicks you hatching. If these are Regular chicks they usually hatch in 21 days---if yours are hatching on day 17 etc----you got a incubator that's way to hot which can cause some serious birth defects?
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    Japanese quail hatch at 17 days, I think you have some hot/cold spots in your incubator. Late chicks usually have issues with vitality. If you hatch again, try adding a fan (we just used a computer fan) so that you have forced air on your eggs. Rotating the top once a day helps too. Both will help to evenly heat the eggs and that will encourage your eggs to hatch on the same day.
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    As for your chicks I'm not sure about the eye issue, but the club foot could have been caused by too low of humidity during their late hatch.

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