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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by anotherusername, Apr 4, 2016.

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    So we got some baby chicks this weekend and I've been trying to get the temperature right for them. After the first night we moved them out of the garage to the inside which made a huge difference on the temperature fluctuations (not so much a positive impact on the smell of the house though!) so I am not having to try to adjust the dimmer on the light as much, so I am less worried about freezing/cooking them.

    I've seen the charts/recommendations about lowering the temp 5 degrees every week. Right now I can see based on chick behavior, if they think its cold they snuggle up in a pile, if they think it's a bit too hot they shuffle off to the edge of the light. As they get older will this behavior continue with the lower heat level?

    I am curious if I didn't lower the temp would they still be just as happy at the 90-95 where it is now, or as they get older are they going to "want" lower temperature and so I can again follow their behavior, or if I will have to just adjust it lower and they will acclimate to the lower temp.

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    They won't be happy with those high temperatures and can be detrimental.

    A mother hen doesn't keep ambient temperature at 90. She provides a hot spot for them to warm up briefly and then they are out in the cool air for most of the day.

    Best technique is to replicate nature. Provide a warm spot and lots of cool space.

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