Chick help...lethargic snd shaking heads

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    A nice guy gave us some baby chicks that were a week old,on Friday for 4h project. But since we got them, they are more,lethargic than my other chicks. They get excited when I put food on paper towels and they run around for that but then curl up to sleep. My daughter noticed a few are shaking their heads a lot. He did have to drive almost an hour to met me and then I had to drive an hour home in cool wear, but heated car. Could it have caused an issue?

    What can I do?

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    Check their eyes and nose and see if they're clear. If their eyes are runny, then they're sick. Isolate them from the other babies if you see snot.

    Add some ACV to their water; it'll give their immune systems a boost.

    Sleeping alot is normal; they're growing, so they'll sleep alot. Make sure they have food all the time, and plenty of clean water; they'll eat and drink when they need to.
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    Yes definitely ACV, you can also use chick probiotic if you have any handy. not sure about the head shaking, but in addition to their eyes i would check there vents for pasty butt, just in case. hope they do okay! [​IMG]

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