chick hiccups? or sneezing?


12 Years
Mar 6, 2007
I guess I am just not ment to have polish chickens. My buff laced babies that I got from ideal a week and a half ago are just not doing well. One died suddenly now ones sneezing/hiccuping. i put terramiacin in the water to hopefully help them. I got the big bag of shavings from tractor supply are they ok to use? Crystal
If the shavings are cedar...get rid of them asap. Use pine shavings. Are the chicks too cold or in a draft? Have you checked the temperature in the brooder?
Not cedar shavings, might be the heat though it was hot in here yesterday and I turned off the light for a few hours. when I got done mowing the temp had fallen to the high 70s. C

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