Chick hobbles arn't working (with pics)

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    Our chick was born with a minor splayed leg and we have been trying to treat it with chick hobbles since it was about 2 days old.
    Its almost a week old now and it hasn't gotten any better at walking when we take them off to change the band-aid.
    It walks better with the band-aid but I'm concerned because its feet are slightly pointing outward instead of forward and no matter what we do it feels like its not getting any better [​IMG].
    This chick has been through alot and we are trying everything we can do to help it.

    Its been difficult because it is a weak runt chick that was stuck half zipped in an egg for 48 hours that i last minute decided to help.
    We are still waiting for a scab to fall off from the umbilical cord area and often creates poop clumping.
    It was very weak and couldn't walk or stand up for hours when it was born.
    It eventually got its footing in the incubator after i left it in their over night.
    I moved it to the brooder in the morning when i saw it looked better and was moving around.
    Ive been feeding it a few drops of poly-vi-sol a day.
    It wasn't till the 2nd day that i noticed it was walking and standing alittle wider then the others.
    Our bedding is not slippery so i couldn't have developed it there (its gripped rubber matting and pine shavings).
    We then tryed to treat it with band-aid hobbles but it has feathered legs so it hasn't been easy.
    We tryed putting something between the leg fluff and the band-aid but it never stays tight enough that way.
    So i try to loosen the band-aid with water when we take it off to change it, but i occasionally have accidentally rip some leg fluff out [​IMG].

    Anyway I'm afraid that since the chick is almost a week old and it hasn't gotten over its problem that it will be too late to fix.
    It gets around ok and eats,drinks, and poops, but I'm afraid that when it grows it will have too much weight on its legs and get hurt.

    Without band-aid:

    with band-aid:
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