Chick Identification - embryo dye procedure?

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    Jul 3, 2010
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    *Not* to stir anything up as I did a BYC search on dyeing chicks and it appeared very controversial, but I was just reading on a breed club site where it gave tips on how to identify specific chicks in each hatch. One way mentioned was embro dyeing. I am having a terrible time with keeping up with "who is who" once they come out of the shell. I do not incubate my own eggs and I go pick them up when they are a day or two old (once everyone is out of the shell) so watching and putting a leg band on them as they come out of the shell is not an option. I mark the shells by breed and date, but that isn't really doing me a lot of good... I thought that embryo dyeing might be an option. I'm not thinking of using it as a selling tool at all. I just need a way to identify chicks. Tips or suggestions on how to solve this problem would be appreciated.
    Thank you.
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    Can you ask your hatcher to separate the eggs before they pip - either use baskets or make a divider for the incubator. (I know nothing about dyeing pre-pipped chicks, sorry)
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    Sent ya a PM on how its done.

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