Chick Identification Please... Post pictures..


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Aug 14, 2009
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So I ordered some chicks..

Cochins of various colors
White faced black spanish
and salmon faverolles

I know what the Cochin Chicks look like
I know what the White Faced Black Spanish look like..
but I dont know what the Salmon Faverolles looks like.

It should be as simple process of eimilination, but I got 21 extra free chicks... So Im at a loss.

what do salmon faverolles chicks look like. Plese post a picture. Here is a picture of what Im led to belive are the salmon faverolles.. Ideas and thoughts?

Are these salmon faverolles?



Here is a picture of all the chicks..
Salmon Faverolles chicks are solid yellow, have feathered legs, and five toes.

All those reddish ones are Golden Campines.
I got my chicks from Purely Poultry... The research I did says that salmon faverolle are yellowish chicks with a fith toe and feathered legs... and I dont have anything that fits that discription...
they are pretty easy to recognize.


P.S. If you go to, they have chick pictures for all of the breeds.

The two dark ones look like they might be Golden Laced Wyandottes, and I saw at least one Australorp or Black Jersey Giant in the those pictures.
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Thats the chick what I saw too for my Salmons.. but nope. Not one yellow chick looks like that... All the yellow chicks, with the exception of 1 White Cochin, are all Standared yellow chicks with no feathers on the leg and 4 toes...

I emailed the company last night... so If I dont hear from them by lunch... Im calling.

Its not that I dont want the yellow chicks or the Mystry chicks which by the way are MEGA adorable.... but I really wanted the Salmons...
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RIGHT, THats exactly what they look like... I wonder.. i guess Ill have to wait a few weeks for feathers to see what they are exactly..

IF they are nice chickens like the Egyptians then I can leave them loose to run the farm. All my other chickens are in breeding pens.. and I have 2 spare breeding pens, one for the White FAced Black spanish and one for the Salmons....

And I ordered 3.8 Samlons and I got 0.0.11 of the mystry chicks. plus 0.0.21 yellow chicks
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