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May 16, 2015
On Wednesday may 20th I received 14 laying chicks in the mail from cackle hatcheries. I have been able to identify or so I believe I have, the coockoo Maran, black astralorp, one buff Orpington, Plymouth Rock, light brahma, white Wyandotte and the Easter eggers. This is the entirety of my order besides for the meat birds. I had ordered two female buff orpingtons but only received one. I believe the company substitute. I am asking for your help to indentify the breed of these last two chicks. One has a greenish hue. Their heads are light brown or tan. I believe they look very similar to a hamster. They both look very fluffy and have puffer cheeks than the other chicks I have received. I would like to add that they do not have feathers on their feet or legs.
If you are up for the challenge please respond. I would love some input.

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